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My name is Katie McKenzie, CPDT-KA, CCBC* and I have been training and solving behavior problems for over 12 years. My bachelors degree is in Animal Behavior and I have been certified by the Council for the Certification of Professional Dog Trainers, PetSmart and Petco. I recently earned the additional certification of Certified Canine Behavior Consultant. I am an active evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen Title for the American Kennel Club. I temperament test all dogs that pass through my local shelter, in addition to designing training programs and modifying behavioral issues. Second Chance Animal Center goes above & beyond the adoption and may send me to your home to help with difficult adjustments. My personal goal is to make sure that dogs in good homes STAY in their good homes. Too many dogs are abandoned or surrendered because of problem behaviors that can be easily fixed! I am passionate about dogs and I can help you improve your life with your dog!

*CPDT-KA = Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

  CCBC = Certified Canine Behavior Consultant

Consistency and Clarity through Communication !!!!!

What I do with my Dogs!!!

I train dogs with positive reinforcement. It's important to know your dog's strengths and weaknesses. I have trained my dogs to do therapy work, have basic manners, and to be well adjusted members of my family. My star, Duncan (now deceased), learned to pick up treats from the store shelf and put them in a shopping cart, push the cart, help unload at the register and take money to the cashier.

This video shows you a dog who is excited to do the things he is asked to do! Training can be so much fun!!!

Second Chance Animal Center

My Mission

Training Dog Lovers and Their Dogs

I started Dog Lovers Training  in 2011  and my mission has always been: to improve the communication between you and your dog; for training and daily living situations. The end result should be to ensure your dog stays in your loving home by identifying and addressing any behavioral issues!

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My Personal Therapy Dog Work

My dogs and I regularly visit a drug rehabilitation facility to socialize with and provide therapy to the patients. If any local facilities are interested in this service, please contact me!