Canine Good Citizen Preparation

Acquiring the skills to pass the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Title is a wonderful achievement to do with your dog. The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is a 10 exercise test designed to affirm that your dog has appropriate manners for them to be out in public with you in numerous situations.

Completing the CGC is an excellent "stepping stone" to pursuing a Therapy Dog Certification.

Behavior Modification​

Many dogs develop habits and routines that we find frustrating or obnoxious. Stealing laundry or other objects,  guarding food or toys, barking, reactivity...the list goes on.  I know I can help you fix the issues that you don't like. Please contact me for an evaluation, especially if you are considering  "giving up on" your dog. Help is available!

I do all of the temperament testing and behavioral modification at Second Chance Animal Center. I have been working with the dogs there and solving/managing a wide variety of behavioral problems for 12 years. 

Therapy Dog/CGC Training

I have 3 Therapy Dogs and regularly visit different places with them to provide therapy to patients. I offer multiple levels of classes to prepare you for a therapy dog exam for whichever group you want to work with. Included in the therapy dog prep training are the CGC requirements.

On-Site practice is offered to those with an advanced skill level

Training Dog Lovers and Their Dogs

Consistency and Clarity through Communication !!!!!

Dog Lovers Training

Advanced Skills

I also run workshops and practice sessions for basic Nosework, games and familiarity with Agility Equipment. These are set up as they are in demand. Please contact me if you have any interest in participation.

Private Lessons

In private or public

Using multiple locations to train your dog is ideal. Whether we train at your house - or meet somewhere local in a public place - your dog should learn that the same behaviors are expected regardless of where they are. Practicing at dog-friendly stores, your private property or just out and about around town - all of these options are available to you. Packages of lessons are offered at a discounted rate.

Obedience Training
Individual Session or Group Classes

Everyday skills can be trained in your home, out in public, and in group classes. Individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs or problems. Classes cover a wide variety of skills and let each team work at their own level while still providing a challenge. Classes are small so that you and your dog get plenty of individual attention. 

It may be as simple as "wait before you go thru the door" or as difficult as "come when called". A nicely trained dog makes everyday life easier.​