Consistency and Clarity through Communication !!!!!

Katie is an outstanding trainer...she helped us with Jackson...he use to be scared of his own shadow at the campground...within a matter of 20 minutes she had him walking around like he owned the place...highly recommend her!!!


More testimonials coming soon!

Your training session was awesome.  I would recommend it to anybody. You are amazing and we appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!

-Margaret S.

Training Dog Lovers and Their Dogs

I have known Katie for almost 7 years in her role as provider for animal assisted therapy for my SUD patients at Conifer Park in Glenville NY.  Over that time I have been able to witness what Katie is able to do with her dogs.  Her ability to train and condition her dogs to have excellent manners, meet new people at every visit is incredible!  Her work with her latest rescue Ford has been a joy to watch.  When Ford first began visiting, he was very anxious, afraid of people, and wouldn’t get out of the car!  Now, he is able to approach people he’s familiar with (staff mainly, some patients who are there for a few weeks), and he is much less anxious, and is coming out of his shell!

Not only is Katie good with dogs, she’s also great with people!  She has a wealth of knowledge to share, and she does so freely.  She has assisted many with issues they are having with their pets. 

If you’re looking for a qualified professional to help train your dog wether it’s basic obedience or preparation for CGC or Therapy Animal training, look no further.  Contact her today, and refer your friends.  Katie is simply the best!


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​ call/text 802-338-1852

Dog Lovers Training

Katie and her training methods far exceeded our expectations
We met Katie when our Rudy, our pup  was about Nine weeks old.  What a godsend to be able to know how to handle a puppy that early on and lay the foundation
We Continued on with Katie building on our training and correcting issues that arose So that we could enjoy our pup and so could others
Katie is incredibly accessible, knowledgeable, kind and loving
she really knows how to train owners to be consistent and concise with their dogs
We adore Katie
D & C 

Client Comments:

I wanted to tell you…. I had one of my cats at Arlington Vet today. This might have already been said by someone else, but I was talking to tech... Anyway I was talking about Rikki and training, I told her we were working with you. [The technician] told me she would highly recommend you and was so happy we had found you.
I don’t know how long you’ve been doing this but Dr Dowd was very pleased last time Rikki was in with her. Sounds like your..... Great reputations precede you😊